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Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Imagine the possibilities of your shipping model with the vast features available in this one plugin.

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Current Version: 4.3.5
Last Updated: July 20th, 2022
WordPress Version: 5.6+
WooCommerce Version: 3.4+
Support Included: 6 Months
Purchase Price: $25.00

Advanced Shipping Solutions

Shipping can get complicated, configuring it shouldn't be

Expansive Settings Page

Shipping Zones

Change the pricing and rules based on the country, state/province, or postal code

More Choices

Adding multiple methods gives customers multiple options to choose from

Custom Grouping

Charge shipping based on the order, individual items, or groups by shipping class

Conditions Galore

Over 15 conditions to help customize specific shipping models

Flexible Pricing

Numerous cost combinations offering more than just a flat rate shipping cost

Custom Grouping

Charge shipping based on the order, individual items, or groups by shipping class

Translation Ready

Includes POT file for translating predefined text withing the plugin

Any & All Themes

Only formulates a shipping cost based on your settings so will work with any theme

Developer Friendly

Clean code with plenty of filters and action hooks to further customize its features

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Shipping Manager for Users

Allow other users to manage their own shipping rates without needing shop permissions

With permissions from an admin, the user can modify the table of rates alone

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Version Log

4.3.6 – September 23, 2022

  • Fixed: Shortcodes not processing in description on order review page
  • Fixed: Free Shipping counter for descriptions not working with currency converters
  • Fixed: General description field causing PHP error for Polylang users
  • Fixed: PHP8 error caused by Dokan compatibility patch including JS file
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  • Fixed: Select Method Conditions not saving properly
  • Fixed: WPML translated strings containing apostrophes not appearing
  • Fixed: Allowed HTML tags removed from description when registering string in WPML
  • Enhanced: Reorganized WCML currency converter to support new free model by WPML
  • Enhanced: Added ‘img’ and ‘span’ tags to allowed HTML in descriptions
  • Fixed: Sanitization error not saving weight conditions with comma decimal point
  • Fixed: Saving error for some conditions under the ‘Method Conditions’ section
  • Fixed: Dragging table rows did not properly save new order
  • Fixed: Cleaned up a few PHP warning messages
  • Enhanced: Improved user friendliness of draggable table rows
  • Fixed: Warning message reappearing about the removed legacy method
  • Fixed: Imported table rows not saving when choosing the ‘Delete Existing Rows’ option
  • Fixed: Missing ‘Method Conditions’ section in settings page
  • Fixed: Hide ‘Settings from Other Plugins’ section when none are available
  • Fixed: Incorrect object used as an argument in a WooCommerce filter call
  • Enhanced: Additional styling changes
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed: Fixed PHP parsing issue experienced on certain server configurations
  • Enhanced: Updated styling for Dokan dashboard shipping section (frontend)
  • REMOVED: The legacy Table Rate method has been removed in its entirety
  • Added: Compatibility with Measurement Price Calculator plugin by WooCommerce
  • Added: Parent Description field for each table of rates
  • Added: Column to display Shipping Description on Orders page
  • Enhanced: New seconday option for ‘Coupon’ condition checks for free shipping
  • Enhanced: Changed format for data range condition to remove third party dependencies
  • Enhanced: Added additional formatting checks on number fields in table of rates
  • Enhanced: Various code changes to meet CodeCanyon standards and requirements
  • Fixed: Dokan Vendor condition box only loading 10 vendors at a time
  • Fixed: User modification by user role not showing assigned shipping methods
  • Fixed: Shipping description not displaying after checkout
  • Fixed: Shipping methods missing from user management page
  • Fixed: Settings added by third party plugins not displaying properly
  • Fixed: Formatting error tooltips hidden
  • Fixed: Refactored how volume and surface area values are calculated
  • Developer: Added ability to add new columns to the table of rates
  • Developer: Several new filters for adjusting individual calculated values
  • Fixed: Change ‘equal to’ comparison to proper float point math
  • Fixed: Outdated .po file for translation
  • Fixed: Dokan Vendor condition limited to 10 vendor options
  • Enhanced: Increased required WooCommerce version to 3.2
  • Enhanced: Increased Plugin and Server compatible tags
  • Added: Method Conditions section to limit options at the method level
  • Added: Ability to skip weight comparison in volumetric weight calculations
  • Added: Option to combine shipping descriptions instead of overriding (Per Item & Per Class calculations)
  • Added: New Condition to select Dokan Vendors (when using the multivendor plugin)
  • Added: Buttons that Expand/Collapse all settings sections
  • Added: WPML title translation by ID or Title
  • Added: Plugin details overrided with CodeCanyon data to separate from API
  • Fixed: Product fields not saving after removing row from table
  • Fixed: Time condition not taking timezone settings into account
  • Fixed: Change Surface Area from Height x Width to Length x Width for better compatibility with other plugins
  • Fixed: Comparison error with float numbers and equal to operator
  • Fixed: Shipping class data issue in Per Item & Per Line Item setups
  • Enhanced: Changed exporter feature to be more compatible across servers and languages
  • Developer: Added filters to calculated cart data
  • Developer: Moved conditional variables and functions to a more accessible class
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with other plugins adding shipping meta data
  • Fixed: Subtotal condition not rounding for prices inclusive of tax
  • Fixed: Improper rounding in Subtotal condition for comma decimal separators
  • Fixed: Removed ability for users to modify settings for WC 2.6 users as features were not yet available
  • Fixed: Products condition unable to be imported into table of rates
  • Fixed: Unable to have multiple date conditions in a single method
  • Fixed: Placeholder prices not reflecting WooCommerce format settings
  • Fixed: Weight and dimensional measurements not formatting to local server settings to match WooCommerce standard
  • Fixed: Free shipping shortcode not working for ‘Single Class Only’ options
  • Fixed: Incorrect data when cart has identical line items caused by plugins such as Product Add-Ons
  • Fixed: Shipping class condition not working under the ‘Per Item’ and ‘Per Line Item’ calculations
  • Fixed: Settings not saving after importing with ‘delete rows’ option checked
  • Fixed: Fatal Error caused on servers with PHP versions older than 5.6
  • Fixed: ‘Hide this Option’ feature was not working
  • Added: Allow specific users to manage their own shipping tables
  • Added: Ability to change the order of options within a single method
  • Added: New ‘Time’ condition for shipping options
  • Added: New ‘Coupon’ condition for shipping options
  • Added: Compatibility with Polylang plugin
  • Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Switcher by realmag777
  • Added: Support for shipping based on city name (through secondary plugin)
  • Added: Display amount in Description remaining to qualify for free shipping
  • Added: Shortcut option to delete existing table rows when importing new ones
  • Added: New ‘Cheapest Class’ option add to ‘Single Class Only’ feature
  • Fixed: HTML in descriptions not showing up in Cart/Checkout pages
  • Fixed: Product selections lost after moving rows within table
  • Fixed: Escape characters appearing in titles and descriptions
  • Fixed: Rows not sortable for newly added options until page reload
  • Enhanced: Settings page UI changes for better clarity
  • Enhanced: Added br and p to description’s allowed tags
  • Enhanced: Descriptions now appear in emails and order summary pages when applicable
  • Enhanced: Exporter error messages are more specific to the exact problem
  • Enhanced: Added minified versions of the javascript files
  • Tested: Compatible with WooCommerce Role Based Methods plugin
  • Fixed: Cost option ‘for every’ not working with subtotal selection (must resave settings to correct)
  • Fixed: Delete rows in the table of rates caused other information to swap or go missing
  • Fixed: Enhanced Import to be compatible with more browsers
  • Fixed: Category conditions not working for anything other than Per Order setups
  • Fixed: Developer hook for adding settings fields not working
  • Fixed: ‘Greater than’ conditions are now ‘Greater than or equal to’ and the same for ‘less than’ conditions
  • Fixed: Shipping Class Priorities could not be changed once set
  • Fixed: Finding variation product IDs causing fatal errors in WC 2.6
  • Fixed: Import feature not able to select CSV files in Safari browsers
  • Fixed: Export feature not inserting proper line breaks for all operating systems
  • Fixed: ‘Hide Other Options’ returning lowest priority option instead of high
  • Fixed: ‘Product’ condition showing translated products in WPML
  • Fixed: Option descriptions not registering properly in WPML String Translation
  • Fixed: ‘Invalid Header’ error caused by double plugin headers from old settings
  • Fixed: Rows with multiple conditions were only validating the first conditions
  • Fixed: Percentage based shipping costs saving as a flat rate in settings
  • Fixed: Subtotal not calculating correctly for Per Class ‘Condition’ type
  • Fixed: Per Class ‘condition’ type returning rates when items with no class are in the cart
  • Fixed: Single Class Only option not appearing when page reloaded and Per Class condition activated
  • Fixed: Variable products not retrieving categories correctly
  • Fixed: Category settings not showing empty categories
  • Fixed: Weight values being rounded when rounding option was disabled
  • Fixed: Weight values being rounded at product level instead of Condition set
  • Fixed: PHP fatal error for users with an outdated PHP version
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce shipping zones and multiple instance
  • Added: Entirely New Settings Interface
  • Added: Ability to have multiple conditions and costs per table row
  • Added: Shipping descriptions that appear beneath the shipping option’s title and price
  • Added: New products, categories, and date based conditions
  • Added: New ‘for every’ cost type to work with price, quantity, weight, and dimensions
  • Added: New ‘multiplied by’ cost type to work with price, quantity, weight, and dimensions
  • Added: User role based settings
    Added: Import/Export capability for table of rates
  • Enhanced: Moved shipping class priorities to ‘Shipping Classes’ settings page
  • Enhanced: WPML support upgraded and retested
  • Enhanced: Calculation algorithm to improve speed and memory usage
  • Enhanced: Improved settings for volumetric settings
  • Enhanced: New hooks and filters allow developers to extend the plugin better
  • Added: Shipping Class ID numbers next to titles in priorities list to help with CSV imports (deprecated versions)
  • Enhanced: Modified compare functions to ensure it did not fail on certain equal numbers (deprecated versions)
  • Fixed: Shipping not calculating under Single Class options with WPML (deprecated versions)
  • Fixed: Problems with using quotations in shipping titles (deprecated versions)
  • Fixed: Checkboxes not working in WordPress 4.7 (deprecated versions)
  • Fixed: Free Shipping Override label not working in non-latin based languages (deprecated versions)
  • Fixed: Further issues with WPML and shipping classes
  • Fixed: Filter ‘be_table_shipping_ordered_rates’ results not being applied
  • Fixed: Fatal error caused by compatibility issues with some plugins
  • Fixed: Shipping class IDs not being translated with WPML
  • Fixed: Issue with setting the order shipping options appear
  • Fixed: calculate_subtotal function including virtual products
  • Enhanced: Support for bundle products subtotal
  • Enhanced: Updated Spanish translation courtesy of jgonzalezd
  • Enhanced: Support for Brazil postal codes
  • Enhanced: Speed of postal code comparisons in zones
  • Fixed: Coupon setting changed with WooCommerce 2.3
  • Fixed: Added WPML price filter to Free Shipping Override subtotal setting
  • Fixed: Issues with translating shipping titles with WPML
  • Fixed: Excluded shipping classes not returning a shipping rate under Per Class condition
  • Enhanced: Updated plugin updater
  • Fixed: Bug with handling fees applying to correct shipping rates
  • Fixed: Subtotal after coupons not removing tax on coupon
  • Fixed: Bug preventing users from registering any Bolder Elements plugins
  • Added: Text-domain support and 11 language translations
  • Added: Ability to calculate subtotal after coupon discounts
  • Added: Auto-upgrader support and BE Plugin Management (beta)
  • Added: New ‘Based On’ condition allow to compare product attributes (beta)
  • Enhanced: Handling Fees only apply to rates of the same zone
  • Enhanced: Changed Status images in shipping zones list
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with WP 4.2 List Tables in settings
  • Fixed: Default column preceeded other WooCommerce default settings
  • Fixed: Shipping rate returned when a non-qualifying item under Per Class method was in cart
  • Fixed: Price not multiplied for Per Item and Weight based setups
  • Fixed: Sections (settings) not collapsing after WC 2.3
  • Fixed: Various PHP Strict warnings and notices
  • Fixed compatibility issue with WC 2.2 tax settings
  • Fixed issue with Per Class conditional setups
  • Fixed issue with WPML and Shipping Classes
  • Added better support for WPML currency switcher
  • Cleaned up a few php notices
  • Fixed issue with Per Order & Weight Based combination
  • Fixed ‘Default’ column to work with WC 2.1+
  • Fixed: Issue with total weight only adding once per item
  • Added ability to charge for only class under the Per Class method
  • Added option to hide this method when free method returns a shipping rate
  • Added option to round up weight to nearest whole number
  • Added option to hide handling fees when shipping is free
  • Added option to disable taxing on this method only
  • Fixed: Cleaned up messages in Zone settings to improve efficiency
  • Fixed: Table Rates did not reorder after changing zone order
  • Removed formatting on cost fields for greater flexibility
  • Removed rule that fees only apply to positive costs
  • Various fixes for WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility.
  • Fixed sorting bug that caused shipping priorities and zone order to not always take effect.
  • Modified calculations under Per Item clause when rates are based on weight.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom sorting of shipping rates by title
  • Fixed bug that caused the custom ordering and default selections to no longer work.
  • Fixed bug that removed spaces from international postal codes
  • Fixed bug when saving handling rates and class priorities
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of table rates
  • New cost option: per weight unit
  • Added new exclusion boxes for zones
  • Added ability to return the rate for only one class for the ‘Per Class’ method
  • Added shipping rate identifiers so that rates will depend on this text instead of the titles
  • Added check to ensure that all items are accounted for in the Per Item and Per Class methods in order for the shipping cost to be applicable
  • Fixed bug so that denied rates will work better
  • Fixed numerous bugs in the Per Item method including denied rates, price and item count calculations, and displaying shipping for unqualified items
  • Removed ‘Available Countries’ option from settings (now controlled solely by zones)
  • Changed how zone data is stored (no more additional tables)
  • Fixed support for renaming plugin folder title
  • Various other small bugs and typos
  • Added ability to customize the order which rates appear on the cart/checkout pages
  • Overhauled the postal code function. Spaces are now properly supported and ranges have been added back for numerical codes only.
  • Further localization support: corrected a bug for sites using languages that require special HTML characters
  • Added support for volumetric shipping
  • New Cost Option: DENY – removes a previously declared shipping cost from the customer’s options
  • New Based On Option: Dimensions – compares a products overall area (L x W x H)
  • Corrected an issue where shipping was charged for virtual products
  • Added collapsible sections to better organized the growing number of available options this plugin has
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Added a new cost method: multiplier
  • Added ability to set free shipping option based on subtotal price
  • Added new column for an extra bundle cost option
  • Added ability to select default shipping option shown when multiple exist
  • Corrected problem with Per Item calculations
  • Fixed a couple minor localization issues
  • Cleaned up code to remove notices and minor errors from appearing in debug mode
  • Updated Documentation
  • FEATURE: Zone support
  • FEATURE: Calculate shipping on prices after tax (optional)
  • Added a percent calculation to the fees table
  • Added button to rates table to duplicate rows
  • Added an upgrade notifier to inform you of future updates available
  • Minor improvements for localization
  • Updated Documentation
  • FEATURE: Added support for multiple rates under the per-item condition. Before only one was allowed.
  • FEATURE: Added support for zip code ranges. (i.e. 12012,12020-12099,12101)
  • FEATURE: Added a new table for base rates so rate can changed based on country/state/province
  • BUG FIX: Free Shipping rates ($0) were not added and thus no shipping could be selected
  • BUG FIX: Additional minor backend bug fixes and grammatical corrections
  • FEATURE: New per-class method groups together items in the same shipping class, then compares it to the table rules. This new feature will make bundle rate shipping possible
  • FEATURE: Added support for shipping classes under the per-order method
  • FEATURE: New fields for including/excluding countries from using this shipping method so it narrows down the countries that the wild card ‘*’ symbol stands for
  • BUG FIX: Title still appeared even when no shipping rates were applicable
  • BUG FIX: Price not working for per-item and item-count setups
  • BUG FIX: Reworked the order for setups with identical table row data
  • New Feature: Set shipping price as a fixed rate or percentage of the subtotal.
  • Bug Fixes with Per-Item calculations
  • Bug Fix for shipping class comparisons
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