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Save for Later with WooCommerce

Don’t let “Delete” be the only option for items your customers can’t buy today! Save them as a gentle reminder on their next visit.

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Current Version: 1.2
Last Updated: January 2, 2021
WordPress Version: 4.9+
WooCommerce Version: 4.0+
Support Included: 6 Months
Purchase Price: $16.00

Reduce Abandoned Cart Items

Save it Now, Buy it Later

List of Saved Items

Registered users each have their own personal list of saved items viewable in the Cart page.

Multiple Product Types

Works with simple, variable, and most custom product types from other plugins.

Saves Product Features

Saves all product information including custom entered details from other third party plugins.

Price Alerts

Notify user of price increases and decreases since their item was first saved.

Full Statistics

Review how helpful the save feature is for your users in the comprehensive statistics page.

Guest Registration

Increase conversion rates by redirecting guests to the login page when saving an item.

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