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Product Alerts for WooCommerce


Keep your customers returning to your shop with email notifications on their favorite products when they are on sale, low on inventory, and restocked

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A premium email marketing tool

aiming to keep your visitors returning to your shop

Let your customers decide

Registered users of your shop can add a product to their list of favorites with a single click of a button. They will then be subscribed to receive important alerts about that item

Multiple types of product alerts

Users can register to be notified when an out of stock item becomes available again, as well as receive notifications about products they love going on sale or almost selling out

Custom Account Controls

Customers with a registered account in your shop can manage their preferences from within the My Account page. This will help to build trust and allow a user to opt out whenever they feel they are receiving too many.

Comprehensive Statistics Page

¬†Monitor various aspects of customer usage with an easy to follow statistics page. Track how customers interact with the plugin’s features including most favorited items, email click activity, and how many users purchased an item through an alert email.

Customize the experience

Change the text of your emails and customize the coloring of the buttons without touching a single file. A complimentary CSS box is included for more advanced styling.

  • Added: Privacy Settings for Restocking Alerts registration form
  • Added: Double Opt-In feature requiring email confirmation for unregistered guests
  • Added: Ability to set low stock and sale alerts disabled by default for new users
  • Added: Option to show Restocking Signup form in a popup
  • Added: Ability to send Restocking Alerts after changes made in Quick/Bulk Edit form
  • Added: Ability to send Sale Alerts after changes made in Quick/Bulk Edit form
  • Added: Ability to override low stock alert quantities at the product level
  • Added: Shortcode for Restocking Form (non-variable products only) and Favorites Icon
  • Added: .PO file for creating string translation file
  • Fixed: Activation hook not running and flushing permalink settings
  • Fixed: Low stock and Sale alerts sending regardless of whether or not user was subscribed
  • Removed: Pre-translated files as much of the text was incorrect
  • Enhanced: Moved ‘Registered Emails’ tab to sub-section of ‘Restocking Alerts’ tab
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Fixed: Restocking alerts not sent out for variable stock updates (WC 3.1)
  • Fixed: Multiple registrations for the same product variation
  • Fixed: Incorrect date retrieved for displaying statistics graph
  • Fixed: Auto-Delete option not deleting emails from Restocking Alerts list
  • Fixed: Statistics tables not populating (WC 3.1)
  • Fixed: Restocking alerts not sent out for variable stock updates (WC 3.0)
  • Fixed: Thumbnail image not appearing in emails (WC 3.0)
  • Template Changes: emails/customer-low-stock-alert.php
  • Template Changes: emails/customer-sale-alert.php
  • Template Changes: emails/customer-stock-alert.php
  • Fixed: Restocking form visible by default on variable products
  • Fixed: Dashboard widget crashing screen when product cannot be found
  • Enhanced: Updates certain hooks to WC 3.0 names
  • Fixed: Restocking subscriptions no longer working with variable products
  • Fixed: Issue with checking registered emails always returning false
  • Fixed: Subscriptions to variable products causing PHP error on My Account page
  • Updated: Spanish (es_ES) translation
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Fixed: Restocking email notifications not being sent (WC 2.6)
  • Fixed: Sale notifications emails trigger when price is lowered rather than sale
  • Fixed: Low Stock Alerts not triggering (WC 2.6)
  • Fixed: Restocking alerts form appearing after chosen variation is cleared
  • Fixed: Restocking alerts form appearing on variable products before variation is chosen
  • Fixed: Ability to modify Sales email alerts
  • Fixed: Email template overrides not being applied
  • Removed: Reference to WP deprecated function ‘get_currentuserinfo’
  • Removed: Various PHP notices when editing variations in debug mode
  • Enhanced: Various fixes to support better first time use
  • Fixed: Restocking Alerts form not submitting for unregistered users
  • Fixed: Disabled features no longer appear on My Account page
  • Fixed: Issue with favorites link above image in shop page (WC 2.5+)
  • Added: New Favorite Product feature
  • Added: New Product Sales alerts
  • Added: New Low Stock alerts
  • Added: New My Account section for managing alerts
  • Added: New location option for restocking form
  • Added: Several new filters and action hooks for developers
  • Added: New dashboard widget
  • Enhanced: Reconfigured to work with WC 2.4 variation changes
  • Enhanced: Use AJAX on restocking form so the page does not
  • reload
  • Enhanced: New Statistics page UI
  • Enhanced: Dashboard notification when an alert is triggered
  • Enhanced: Added minified JS scripts
  • Fixed: WC 2.3 email compatibility issues
  • Fixed: Issue with placeholder text being registered in restocking form
  • Fixed: Issues regarding restocking alerts onvariable products
  • Fixed: Restocking form issues when CAPTCHA was disabled
  • Fixed: Bulk actions not working in list of registered emails
  • Updated Documentation

Version 1.1

  • Fixed compatibility issue for WordPress 4.2 update
  • Added auto-updater
  • Updated file structure (may require plugin needing to be activated again)
  • Added ‘esc_url’ following the news of the XSS vulnerability in WordPress
  • Fixed compatibility errors for WooCommerce 2.3 update
  • Fixed a bug that altered the other email templates sent out by WooCommerce
  • Added a dashboard widget featuring a couple shortened statistics tables
  • Added new bulk options: mark sent & mark unsent
  • New Option: Add CAPTCHA to signup form
  • New Option: Auto-delete email addresses after notification is sent
  • Cleaned up a couple notice messages

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
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