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Compare Products with WooCommerce

Create a more extensive list of features, one that your customers can then compare side by side with multiple products of their choosing.

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Current Version: 2.0.1
Last Updated: March 2, 2018
WordPress Version: 4.8+
WooCommerce Version: 3.4+
Support Included: 6 Months
Purchase Price: $20.00

Side-by-side comparison tables

to ease the decision making process for your customers

Side-by-side comparison table

Customers can select the products they are interested in and view the attributes for each organized in a simple, sleek table. Features of each product are lined up side by side for the user to easily find the pros and cons of their potential purchase

Categorize your products

Not every product may need the same attributes listed in their comparison table. Add only what’s valuable by creating different lists for your varying product types

Sub-categories help even more

A long lengthy list with dozens of attributes can be overwhelming to look at. Group together similar attributes under sub-category headlines to break up the list and help the user find exactly what they are looking for

Use WooCommerce Attributes or create your own

 You may have already created dozens of attributes within WooCommerce and assigned values for each product. Save yourself some time and use these in your comparison list with no extra setup necessary. Want to add extra details such as comments, links, or images? Or maybe you don’t want to use the WooCommerce attributes? Custom features allow for any desired context to be added to the table.

Add the chart to single product pages

Looking for a more styled table of attributes? Or perhaps you would like to list your custom created features for everyone to see. An extra tab can be added to the information section of product pages to display the table with just the current item

Shortcodes display a table anywhere

Advertise a few of your popular products with a shortcode that displays a custom table. Giving it specific product IDs will ensure it always generates a specific table that you can add to blog posts and other pages within your shop

Customize the experience

Additional settings allow the admin to control the number of products compared and where the links and basket will appear. The comparison table also includes many ID and class tags for further styling the table to match your theme

  • Added: Ability to share a comparison table via unique URL
  • Added: Toggle button to highlight different rows in the comparison table
  • Added: New shortcode for displaying the comparison button
  • Added: New options to select image size for basket and table
  • Added: Ability to hide empty row in Single Product “Features” tab
  • Enhanced: Session handler remembers if floating basket is open/closed between page loads
  • Enhanced: Prevent multiple compare buttons from being selected at the same time to prevent errors
  • Enhanced: Better handling when all items are removed while viewing comparison table
  • Enhanced: Added more classes to the comparison table for better CSS customization
  • Enhanced: Product images in comparison basket and table linkable to product
  • Enhanced: Organized settings page into sections
  • Enhanced: Various code changes to meet CodeCanyon standards and requirements
  • Fixed: jQuery error in the dashboard after WordPress 5.5 upgrade
  • Fixed: Widget display overriding basket content when clicking ‘Remove All’ button
  • Fixed: Error message not appearing in compare basket
  • Fixed: Checkbox unmarked when limit has been exceeded
  • Fixed: Attribute settings not appearing in the table when no custom features exist
  • Fixed: ‘Remove All’ link not working first time in widget basket
  • Fixed: Corrected a couple strings that could not be translated previously
  • Fixed: Featured Tab sorting problem on Single Products page
  • Added: New field for managing thumbnail width. Helpful when translating ‘Remove’ link
  • Fixed: Delete button on comparison page did not function
  • Fixed: Various styling issues with floating compare basket
  • Fixed: Update checkbox and compare basket when item is removed from pop-up compare basket
  • Enhanced: Converted image ‘x’ delete button to text
  • Added: New scrolling div compare basket location
  • Added: New WooCommerce product settings: Price, Weight, Width, Height, Length, Dimensions, Stock Status
  • Added: Ability to edit Category and Sub-category titles
  • Added: Differences only filter for comparison table
  • Added: Ability to hide sub-categories from customer view in the comparison table
  • Added: Allowed HTML tags can be used in product fields for custom features
  • Added: Display comparison table vertically with features on top and products to the left
  • Enhanced: Improved upon the sessions for optional fees to operate more efficiently
  • Enhanced: Enhanced speed for more efficient operations
  • Enhanced: Uses new WooCommerce 3.0 functions
  • Enhanced: Made tables more responsive for better view on smaller devices
  • Fixed: Add feature popup window would lock after adding a feature to the table
  • Fixed: Disabling the compare feature did not hide comparison buttons and preview box
  • Fixed: Clear All button not working until page reloads
  • Fixed: Deleted attributes caused duplicate rows to appear in compare table
  • Fixed: Unable to delete single items from the compare table
  • Fixed: Issue with product tab data not showing when plugin is enabled
  • Added: A check and notification to prevent items from different compare categories being compared
  • Added: Two shortcodes for displaying the basket and individual compare features
  • Fixed: Replaced jQuery “live” function as it was removed in version 1.9
  • Fixed: Corrected how WPML handles translations in this plugin so each translated product does not need a separate table
  • Fixed: Changed how features and attributes are obtained for select box to work better with right to left Hebrew sites
  • Fixed: Cleaned up various minor PHP notices and messages
  • Enhanced: Adjusted how translated text is sent to javascript to better handle sites in a non-latin based language
  • Enhanced: Removed sticky column in compare tables to better display on small screens
  • Enhanced: Settings popup to add new features does not auto close after feature is added
  • Added: Ability to add pre-defined WooCommerce attributes to compare table
  • Added: Button to remove comparison items from the comparison table
  • Fixed: Issue with compare tables not loading saved attributes
  • Fixed: Reordering subcategories and features had no effect in compare table
  • Fixed: Reordering subcategories and features had no effect in product settings form
  • Fixed: Preview Box Location setting had no effect
  • Enhanced: Removed “sticky header” from the compare table
  • Added: Auto-updates and Bolder Elements plugin manager
  • Fixed: Corrected issue with using the plugin in non-latin based languages
  • Fixed: Enabled status and Category not saving in form on Products settings page
  • Fixed: Error after using ‘Clear All’ and adding different products to the basket
  • Fixed: Some strings were missing translation function (always appearing in English)
  • Enhanced: After using ‘Clear All’ comparison products in shop are unchecked
  • Enhanced: Added new text to language files
  • Added: Several language files and better support for translation
  • Added: Ability to disable this feature on mobile devices
  • Added: Ability to disable the compare buttons on shop page or single product pages
  • Enhanced: Minimal HTML tags now allowed in feature descriptions
  • Enhanced: Viewing on smaller screens or lists with numerous items added
  • Fixed: ‘Clear All’ button took no action
  • Fixed: Not all strings were translatable in the settings and frontend functions
  • Fixed: ‘Add to Compare’ label now clickable
  • Initial Release
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