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Cart Based Shipping for WooCommerce

Simple and fast, the features may not be abundant but setting up rates based on subtotal, quantity, or weight of the cart couldn’t be easier.

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Current Version: 3.4
Last Updated: October 1, 2021
WordPress Version: 4.9+
WooCommerce Version: 3.4+
Support Included: 6 Months
Purchase Price: $12.00

Version Log

  • Added: “Free Shipping” title override feature
  • Removed: Legacy Cart Based method and associated warning messages
  • Enhanced: Created separate module for WooCommerce Bundle Products compatibility
  • Enhanced: Various code changes to meet CodeCanyon standards and requirements
  • Added: Final warning for upcoming legacy method removal
  • Added: New option ‘Include Towards Method Requirements’
  • Fixed: Add ‘Free’ shipping when only excluded items are in the cart
  • Fixed: Subtotal always included tax for tax inclusive pricing setups
  • Enhanced: Changed WooCommerce pricing functions to be more accurate
  • Enhanced: Various code improvements for standardized support
  • Fixed: Fatal error found in a multi-currency plugin compatibility patch
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Currency Switcher by realmag777
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Multi Currency by VillaThemes
  • Enhanced: WPML Support for Currency and Shipping Classes
  • Fixed: JS script not always loading on in dashboard
  • Fixed: Exporter not pulling correct instance fields
  • Removed: ‘Enable/Disable’ settings as this is controlled by WooCommerce now
  • Removed: ‘Method Availabiliy’ settings as it was deprecated in WC 2.6
  • Enhanced: Legacy method now hidden from new users and disabled prior installs
  • Enhanced: Minor bug and syntax changes.
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Shipping Zones introduced in WC 2.6
  • Added: Include Coupons option to alter subtotal to include discounts
  • Added: Support for Envato Plugin Updater
  • Fixed: Issue with ‘Minimum to Ship’ feature not working
  • Fixed: Currency ship type not saving on new rows
  • Removed: Bolder Elements plugin updater
  • Documentation updated
  • Added: Language files and ability to translate through plugins such as WPML
  • Added: Compatibility with WPML currency converter
  • Added: Auto updates and update notification feature
  • Enhanced: Exclude discounts feature to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.3+
  • Updated Documentation
  • Added option to set a minimum requirement to the size of orders
  • Added option to set a maximum shipping cost that can be charged
  • Add additional option to ‘Availability’ to exclude specific countries
  • Cleaned up a few more notices that appeared for WC 2.1 users
  • Added option to set a maximum to the shipping cost table
  • Added shipping check so that virtual items will not count towards totals
  • Added option to include tax in subtotal
  • Added new field for handling fees (fixed price OR percentage)
  • Add new classes table with the ability to exclude certain classes from counting towards shipping costs
  • New Feature: Set shipping price as a fixed rate or percentage of the subtotal.
  • Minor grammatical fixes.
  • Added third method: Weight Based
  • Fixed a bug where currency always displayed as ‘$’
  • Fixed bug in how shipping was calculated for larger purchases
  • Official release to Envato Marketplace
  • UX updates
  • Documentations added
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