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Welcome to Bolder Elements!

Last year Bolder Elements celebrated its 10th birthday! I have accomplished so much with this business over that time, a business that started out as a small freelance side job and grew to a small corporation in the US. However there was just one thing missing: a blog! How could there be no blog? Working primarily on projects with WordPress (and then WooCommerce) for the past decade, I have seen and learned so much watching both platforms evolve. I have also had the joy of working with numerous clients over the years, and now the many customers who have installed our plugins. Some questions are asked frequently, and others are just difficult to explain with no great tutorial on the matter. So why not share the knowledge!?

With this new blog I hope to…

  • Share some of my experiences in coding over the last 10+ years
  • Provide tutorials for common questions I come around in these projects
  • Further promote some great products we offer here at Bolder Elements
  • Spread the word for other great products we love from some stellar developers
  • Inspire you to make the most of your website!

Short, sweet, and simple is not generally my nature, but today we will dare to be different! I hope you will be able to find many of the future articles posted here to be helpful and inspiring. In the meantime, if you are looking for some great plugins, check out our portfolio in the link below.

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About Erica Dion

Lead developer and owner of Bolder Elements, Erica Dion loves a good logic problem! That's what brought her to programming and fantastic platforms like WordPress. Her passion for making the e-commerce world more accessible to small businesses is what started her down the path to founding this company. Follow her on Twitter at @boldererica

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