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Introducing Save for Later with WooCommerce

One of the biggest challenges e-commerce stores face is abandoned products. For one reason or another, customers will remove items from the cart, or leave them behind to expire and remove themselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean they were no longer interested. The Save for Later plugin aims to help keep these items in focus by giving users a new option besides ‘delete’.

Saving Items for Later

So what exactly does this plugin do? By default, the only way to remove an item from the cart is to delete it. With this plugin, there is now a second option: Save for Later. A new button will appear in each line item giving the customer to move the item rather than delete it. A second list of products will appear below the “Cart” section containing these saved items. The customer is free to continue checking out with their other products, and these saved items will remain in place for the next time they visit the site.

Save for Later Cart Page

Saved items are stored to a registered user’s account, so they never expire. The customer can remove them any time they like, or preferably move them back to the cart for purchase. The complete list of items can be viewed from the cart page, but pagination is included for longer lists.

Additional Product Data Saved

The amount of product data saved is a key factor that sets this plugin apart from others like it. Simply saving the product ID would have sufficed, but would have also been very limiting. In addition to the product ID, the entire cart item array is saved. This allows additional data to be stored such as price and quantity. It could also include additional parameters from other third party plugins such as custom measurements or personalization.

With this extra information comes extra perks, too! By knowing the original price at the time the product was saved, the plugin can keep track of price changes for the customer. The customer can see a price difference in their list below the current cost of the item.

Save for Later Price Difference

Comprehensive Statistics

A strong marketing tool should not just be silent in the background. I am confident that this feature can positively affect your e-commerce shop, so much so I want you to see it! Statistical data is stored for later review, even after the customer removes the item from their personal list. This allows you, the admin, to see how often your customers are saving items and what they are saving. A brief overview of recent and lifetime data can be found throughout the page, but the main focus is a calendar based line chart showing daily statistics.

Save for Later Statistics Page

Translation Ready

I understand and have seen the diversity of sites running plugins from Bolder Elements. As with all of my others, this plugin comes with a .pot file for easy translation. I highly recommend PoEdit for a computer based system, or LocoTranslate for translations right through your dashboard.

Running a multilingual website? I have been working directly with for years to ensure the most comprehensive compatibility. In addition to the translation file, all text entered through the settings page will be registered through String Translation. Currencies are also saved to ensure the prices in the saved table are displayed in the correct format.

Give It a Try

A demo site is always available to give it a test run before you buy! Dashboard access is also provided so you can customize the plugin’s settings and review the statistics page.

This fantastic and useful plugin is available exclusively through CodeCanyon for the bargain price of $18! The price also includes 6 months of support to help you get started.

Purchase the Plugin

Need some more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments boards and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

About Erica Dion

Lead developer and owner of Bolder Elements, Erica Dion loves a good logic problem! That's what brought her to programming and fantastic platforms like WordPress. Her passion for making the e-commerce world more accessible to small businesses is what started her down the path to founding this company. Follow her on Twitter at @boldererica

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