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Bolder Fees for WooCommerce


Setup a variety of fees, flat rate and percentage, to add to the cart’s subtotal. Even better, add optional fees to make the cost elective.

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Create a variety of fees, optional or mandatory,

to add extra offers or furlough additional costs

Additional Costs Covered

WooCommerce covers the product cost, shipping, and taxes, but what about additional expenses such as extra delivery fees, mileage costs, or oversized order handling fees. Extra line items can be used for any necessary overages your shop needs

Offer optional services

Those extra line items can also include a checkbox for offering extra services. Give customers the choice of purchasing gift wrapping services, package tracking, or insurance coverage

Conditional Statements

With more than 30 possible conditions, additional fees can be set to appear when certain rules are met. Conditions include cart statistics such as a subtotal, quantity, and weight, as well as today’s date, the customer’s user role, and many more…

Location, Location, Location

 Every fee can be set for customers worldwide or in a specific region. Shipping Zones can narrow down fees to specific countries, states, or postal codes. Shop owners also using the Table Rate Shipping plugin will be able to use the same zones already created for easier setup


Taxable Prices

Each fee is listed without tax by default, but this can be changed within the settings. Enable taxes for each fee separately, as well as choose the specific tax class that will be used

Apply to each item

By default fees and their conditions are applied to the order as a whole. When enabled, fees can be counted towards each qualifying item in the cart, thus multiplying the price when the customer purchases more than one

Discountable Fees

Fees are not limited to positive numbers. Entering a negative value into the cost field will subtract the given price from the customer’s order. This allows you to add simple discounts to the subtotal without a coupon code

Version Log

Version 1.4

  • Added: User Role Is/Is Not condition
  • Added: Secondary hook for optional fees in setups with shipping disabled
  • Added: Ability to translate fee titles with WPML
  • Fixed: Optional fees not being charged when user creates an account during checkout
  • Fixed: Issue with retrieving shipping title in WC 2.4+
  • Fixed: Issue with retrieving variation weight in WC 2.4+
  • Fixed: Optional fee titles not appearing on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Replaced missing javscript that caused empty conditional select boxes
  • Fixed: Issue with tax calculations on optional fees where prices are displayed including tax
  • Enhanced: Reduced resource usage in settings page to reduce chances of maxing out memory
  • Added: Option to round fee costs up to next whole number
  • Fixed: Conditional statements not saving to assigned fee
  • Fixed: Shipping price not included in subtotal when enabled
  • Enhanced: Compatibility issue with other plugins when retrieving cart products
  • Enhanced: Changing shipping zone status images for better clarity
  • Fixed issue with automatic plugin updater
  • Removed references to add_query_arg (WP XSS vulnerability) although was not in use
  • Fixed compatibility issue between WP 4.2 and List Tables in settings
  • Added auto-updates and Bolder Elements Plugin Manager (beta)
  • Fixed javascript error causing the form to freeze when optional fees were changed on checkout page
  • Fixed recent issue where fees were not applied to customers creating an account during checkout
  • Added formatting for compatibility with payment method vendors
  • Cleaned up STRICT error messages by PHP
  • Added compatibility for optional fees in WC 2.2.x
  • Fixed an invoicing issue that did not display the line items for optional fees
  • Added support to clear fees cache after cart is emptied
  • Fixed bug in previous update that caused optional fees to stop working
  • Removed code tidbit that caused issues in Firefox
  • Cleaned up messages from E_STRICT errors
  • Fixed bug causing all percentage based fees to return 0
  • Changed taxes on optional fees to appear as WooCommerce tax rather than added to fee
  • Added new condition: If Cart Includes/Excludes Product Variations
  • Added new condition: If Order is placed before/after specified date
  • New Ability: Charge given rate for each qualifying item in the cart

Version 1.3

  • Fixed a bug that prevented ‘Standard’ tax class from being applied
  • Checkbox ability on checkout pages added
  • Additional fixes for WooCommerce 2.1
  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.1
  • Added new condition: If Cart Includes/Excludes Virtual Products
  • Added new condition: If Cart Includes/Excludes Downloadable Products
  • Added new condition: If Payment Method is/not selected
  • New Ability: Override rates with identical titles based on different conditions
  • New Ability: Combine all eligible rates into one output (optional rates excluded)
  • Corrected an error where fees did not save in a custom order

Version 1.2

  • Added new condition: If Cart Includes/Excludes Specific Categories
  • Corrected the quick link to enable/disable zones
  • Improved support for non-latin based languages
  • Corrected an error that appeared when no conditions were setup

Version 1.1

  • Added new condition: Compare Selected Shipping Method
  • Added new condition: Compare Selected Shipping Label
  • Fixed a couple button glitches when adding new conditions to a fee

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
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